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02-20-2005, 03:39 AM
Hey Guys, I thought this post over at TCCoA might be of interest to some of you hear as well... It was posted by XLRVIII aka Tommy regarding racing at Lone Star Raceway... I think he runs one or both of his MarkVIII's out there quite often...

(Quote originally posted by XLRVIII on TCCoA boards)
If anyone is looking for some fun on friday night, we are taking the two mark 8's out to Lone Star Raceway for "Friday Night Street Stock".

It's a season long points race between street cars.
It's a "DOT tire class"... so anyone with a MN-12 or FN10 will definatley "fit in".

The Track is located at exit# 713 on I-10 west, YES that is a long drive for some folks.
I will be leaving League City at 5PM and headed towards the track.

Gates open at 6:30
Time Trials begin at 7
Eliminations begin at 9

If you haven't made it to the track yet this year, tonight would be a good time.
Weather looks like it's going to be some nice cool DENSE air!!!

This points series is alot of fun and regular street cars are very very competitive in this class.
This race has been going for the last 4 seasons...
Tonight Feb. 18th is the first race of the 2005 season.


Shoot me an email to Tommy@cyberbay.net if you need directions or my cell phone number in the event you plan on attending.

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