View Full Version : First Kill...Birds Pretty Happy :)

02-26-2005, 12:31 PM
I've Had My SC For 3 Months Now And I Finally Got My First Kill It Was A 1994 Cougar 4.6L Which It Was A Weird Race Cuz Everybody Was Chasin Him Outta Town, So I Was Settin At The Gas Station And I Saw Him Go By So I Gave Him The Old Power Rev... And The Pr!ck Gave It Back... And Im Sure That You All Know What That Means... Its On That Cougar... Like A Bunch Of Seniors On A Virgin Homecoming Queen On Homecoming Night.. So I Do A Monster Burn Out, Out Of The Parkin Lot And I Was Pushin About 60 When i Cought Up To Him And He Saw Me Comin So He Put It Down And I Got By Him And My Back Wheel Was Even With His Front Wheel... And Then I Did The One Thing I Never Should Do... Shift To Early I Was Rapin About 3 1/2 Grand When I Shifted Into 5th And It Was The Other Way Around But Then I Was Pissed And Put The Mother To The Floor... And Smoked His ***... Then I Got To An Intersection And Showed Him How A REAL! Thunderbird/Cougar Is Saposed To Run And I Dumped It Around The Corner And As I Was Pasin Him I Gave Him A Little 3rd Gear Scratch So I Hoped He Liked That.. And Honestly I Dont Think It Was To Bad For My First Kill.. Lemme Know How You Guys Think I Did.


02-27-2005, 12:40 AM
Hey now just cuz it's got the sub-par 94-95 4.6L engine, doesn't mean it's not a real MN12. j/k man, those 94-95's are slow as heck, I know, I've got one! :) Sounds like a fun race though. It's always cool to race another MN12.

02-28-2005, 12:06 AM
Yeah dude thats cool that you smoked a V8. But i know plenty of the mn12 V8s that will smoke me.