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03-01-2005, 07:03 PM
Seven weeks boys till the Spring run out of Austin, Tx so far we have,

Don - Arlington
Tony - Arlington
ChrisW - Frisco
Murphy - Arlington
Kenny - Arlington
Cory - Lewisville?
Scott - Richardson
Clayton - Bedford
Dale - Kerreville
Josh - San Antonio
JC - San Antonio
Gary - Houston
Toolman - Tulsa

For those that want t participate and need a hotel here's the place in Austin we usually stay at.


The cost is $54 a day for a double and $39 a day for a single, plus this place has full sized kitchens in each room. :D

03-25-2005, 02:35 AM
We have moved the starting point to the spring run this year to the following. No more meeting at the Oasis.

We will be meeting at the HEB parking lot at 10am Sat. morning April the 16th at the intersection of 620 and 2679 in Austin, Tx. the HEB is just west a few blocks off 620 and 183. There's a gas station there too so those that need to can top off before we start.

See ya there or be square. :D

After the run we have a couple of choises for dinner my vote is Razoo's, there's others like Bone Daddy's (a hooter's kinda joint) or the Texican (mexican food, margaritas, beer.... and parking is GREAT!) Like I said my vote is Razoo's. So this year let's do dinner just after the run and before 6th st. and not be like the last couple of years where we drive around like swarming bees, "let's keep it cool my babies" (conan voise) and try keeping together and no racing off and keep the damned radios on. :cool:

04-08-2005, 06:06 AM
Ok I need to know many of you guys are going to meet up with us at the HEB the morning of the 16th of April so I'll know how many maps to print. :D