View Full Version : Spinningwheels Special Auctions Starting Today! Don't Miss It!

victor malvar
03-02-2005, 08:30 AM
Hello, Spinniningwheels-sc is having a 9 1/2 day special multiple item auctions on ebay under the auction section. It's a large auction with very low prices and much to see and pick from. It's similar to group buys. Take advantage of these specials because they will run another 9 days only. "SP ROTORS" and pads are listed in the store and a 15% discount for these high quality Rotors! The pads are listed and have a 5% dicount on these tremendos pads! If you have our link use it and we have it on the bottom of this page as well the Spinningwheels-sc Store.This is a one time deal on Balancers for all years and low shipping prices. We are offerering "group buy" prices and we were able to do this due to a special ebay listing price.. Spinningwheels-sc has put out some great prices and product. Do not forget to also browse the store's great deals as well.There are a limited amount so get there as soon as possible. Many other items on auction are set at fixed prices, just look at the bottom of the auction page! The BHJ 89-93 3.8L, the BHJ 94-95 3.8L, the 4.6L balancers are also included and the Ford Lightning 5.4L 1998 to 2004 shipping from $12.00 to $15.00 Plus much, much more...at least 50 auction listings.
Please click on the link below to receive the newest listings, special promotions and discounts on some shipping charges. This will also help you save on shipping charges for multiple purchases. You must click on this link every time you purchase an item to receive the benefits. Thanks for shopping with SpinningWheels-sc and save this link for future purchases.
Click Here: http://stores.ebay.com/SpinningWheels-SC?refid=store You can also do ebay search its a featured plus auction!
or you can go to www.spinningwheels-sc.com and click on the first page to get you to the ebay store where this buy is going on. Don't miss out. There is a 15% discount of the store price to any one on this Intoductory sale on the rotors :) Thanks from all of us at Spinningwheels-sc! Any questions, you can call us at 352 732 5013.Good luck to all!!
You may click on the signature it will also take you to our web site and then click on the upper right hand section that will re-dirct you to our ebay store and find the auction section on the upper right hand part of our store where it says auctions. There are many ways to find it.