View Full Version : 93 Gauge question

03-05-2005, 02:01 PM
Hey, I am tring to do a little research before buying. I am wanting to get a reverse gauge set for my 93 SC, however I am not sure if I can get a set that will work for mine. I am hearing that the 93 is different from the 89-92 and the 94-95. I know that the 94-95 style has a 145mph speedo vrs the 120mph on the 89-93 and to me beside that facter, all the gauges and cluster designs look the same to me 89-95. If the 93 is indeed different from the 89-92 does anyone know where I can get a set of reverse glow gauges from? Any imput will be appricated. Thank you and God bless.


Frank Bokodi
03-06-2005, 12:24 PM
Yes, for some stupid reason the 93 gauges are slightly different than the 89-92. I bought NR auto reverse glow gauges for my 93. When i put them on the ODO #'s didn't line up very well at all. I was pissed :mad: I then pulled the gauges out of my 90 that was going to SC Heaven and the faces worked and lined up perfectly on those. Try to find someone parting out an 89-92 to get the guages from.