View Full Version : Trade or Sell 1993 5-Speed SHO 3.2 Swap

03-07-2005, 07:20 PM
Hi everyone, I'm looking into getting an SC. Only thing is, I need to get rid of my SHO. I've always wanted an SC and liked the SHO, but would rather have an SC.
Anyway, I bought the SHO about five months ago.
It's black on black full leather. The interior is in good shape besides a tear on the drivers side side bolster. Also where the cigarette lighter used to be has been replaced with a gauge bezel(?) with an air/fuel gauge and has two more slots left. The lighter has been moved to the little covered holder in the middle. It has all the options and everything works. It's a five-speed with a SPEC Stage 3 Clutch, it's very aggressive. The previous owner also did the 3.2L swap out of an automatic SHO. In case you don't know, this is one of the most major modifications you can do to a SHO. The 3.2 swap is good for more torque. The engine has about 70k miles on it, with a 60k a recently as 10k ago. It runs very strong and is a VERY fast car. Ask 92Bird, he's ridden in it and driven it. The rest of the car has 122k miles on it and it looks pretty good for it's age. It's got magnaflow mufflers and tips, very sweet looking. The car overall is in good shape, but as with any old car, there are some things it needs.
The tires need to be rebalenced - there is a bit of vibration on the highway
The last problem with it is that it has a bit of body damage. Nothing that couldn't be repaired on the cheap. Before I bought the car the previous owner had a small truck back into the rear passenger door. The door is dented, but can easily be replaced or even if you can get the door skin off, you could no doubt pop the door back out and make it look normal. I never tried this because I was afraid I would never be able to get the skin back on properly. The dent isn't very bad.
Beyond that, the car is absolutely awesome.

I would like to either sell it for 3000OBO or trade it for a (would prefer white or pearly white)93-95 SC with a five-speed in fairly good shape. I will (STRONGLY)consider automatics if they are 94-95 in white, pearl white or black (But all will be considered), but preferably I am looking for a five-speed.

http://smoof.madebymonkeys.net/sho1.jpg This is the best one I have of the damage. As I said, it's not too bad.


EDIT: I also forgot, the car is lowered and has the hard button upgrade on the climate control. I also forgot the car does not have AC, the AC was taken off to increase power. The car also has an aftermarket stereo deck in it. The rest of the stereo is the stock JBL (Sounds great!).

03-07-2005, 07:37 PM
Yea, I'll vouch its a sweet car! I am pretty sure Bryan means the strut bearing plate, and not the strut itself.

The exhaust was custom bent and fits the car perfect. Not one bit of rust, as this is a colorado car. The tips really make the car look nice!

Its definitly a quick car.

03-08-2005, 04:26 AM
I also have a 93 ATX SHO "normal green w/tan interior", 2nd one I've owned and I am a SHO man at heart especially since I can work on them now!!

Now too I also have a Cougar XR7 1989 w/ a 5 speed, 73k miles, White w/ flawless burgundy interior, newer paint, new clutch, new slave cylinder, new coil, newer brakes (4 rotors + 4 pads) & painted calipers, new front tires, back tires have lots of life in them, painted black engine compartment, tinted windows, keyless entry, no sunroof, dual power seats & with every other option too. Kenwood CD player, Pioneer 35x4 amp & 4 Infinity Refrence 5x8's. Everything works!!

Exterior is near perfect as well with NO DENTS but some minor paint chiping (hard to tell though because it was originaly white then repainted white, back window gasket is in need of replacing but nuthing real serious at all. 2 small rust bubles starting behind back window before the trunk (paint still covers it so only the bubbling is visible.

This is one beautiful car.

I know its not exactly what you were wanting but i figured i would throw up the idea.

03-12-2005, 02:45 AM
sucks that you're so far, I might be interested otherwise..

04-01-2005, 10:21 PM
willing to trade my even more rare.. 88 thunderbird tc with a 5 speed