View Full Version : My Mechanic is still having difficulty finding my start problem!

07-08-2002, 04:42 PM
I brought my car to the mechanic cause of a short I had related to my fuel pump. The car would start intermitently, then said it would not start at all, they were not getting fuel pressure, so they replaced the fuel pump. They are getting fuel pressure now but no spark, they thought it was the computer after waiting for almost 2 weeks for that they installed that and still get doesn't start. They are getting fuel and spark but it still won't start. They replaced the crank sensor and the cam sensor but still nothing. They seem to be trying everything they can but can't seem to find the problem. Please help, anybody have any other ideas.

07-08-2002, 04:58 PM
have they tried the DIS module and the coil pack? Have they run it for codes? Have they checked to see if one or more of the fuel injectors are bad?

Let us know how it goes.

07-08-2002, 05:05 PM
What is with these mechanics? If they have spark and they have fuel, it can't not start.

The only thing that could keep it from starting would be improper spark plug gap (in which case they wouldn't have spark) or improper timing.

Improper timing could come from a failed cam sensor. How could the computer be failed if it is telling the system to spark?

I hate to say this but you may need to take this to a more savvy repair shop. These guys don't have the know how to trouble shoot this problem. Perhaps if they would try to contact some other repair places, or a dealer and go through the process with them over the phone?

I'm not saying I could, but it isn't rocket science. It's not like it runs rough. (which can be hard to pin down) It's simply that it won't start! :rolleyes:

07-08-2002, 05:38 PM
Who knows? I knew the problem was not the computer, but they waited 2 weeks to just get the part in. I know they have been on the phone with ford to try and give them some answers but no luck yet. I brought it in running, but there was a short around the fuel pump which was causing problems now they replace all this stuff and it still doesn't start. I don't get it, I hope these guys figure it out sometime soon.

James Kanteraki
07-09-2002, 01:47 AM
it sounds like you have come across what we call "parts changers." they just change parts till the problem goes away. Have you had work done at this place before??? Its NOT neccesary to keep changing parts, you know if they were any good they might check (electrically) to see if the crank or cam sensors are working. If its just a place you took your car to, then give them a couple more days then take your car and your money to somebody else.

Just to bad your not in San Diego. (or are you??)

anyway my .02

07-09-2002, 09:39 AM
Well, I thought the same thing about this mechanic, because he said right away we think its your computer. I guess there is no way to really verify that until they change it but I don't know why they narrowed it down to that. As far as the sensors, they said that the sensors tested good but they tried replacing them after a while anyway. I hope these guys figure the s**t out.

07-09-2002, 10:44 AM
Computers rarely fail in cars anymore. If everyone wants to do everyone a favor, let as many people as you can know this.

These computers control auxillary components that are so much more likely to fail that it is unbelievable. A computer failure should never be assumed until all other options are exhausted.

Sorry to hear of the issues. If it's a good shop with good mechanics they should be willing to eat the labor and help you find another shop to bring it to with more expertise.

Sometimes it takes another eye to really track down an elusive issue.