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03-16-2005, 09:53 AM
hi guys...i just recently fabricated and installed an m90 on my 4.0l v6 ranger.

i'm have a question about the vacuum lines and such on YOUR cars..

does EVERY line plug into the INLET side of the blower??

i was told that the ONLY line that connected to the BOOST side was a line for a boost gauge, is that correct??

i've got 4 vacuum lines, and egr line, and the brake booster vacuum line... should ALL of those be plugged into the INLET side, before the blower??

thanks for all your help guys, here's a few pictures of how i have it now, i think i need to redo all those lines. since those pictures i've tapped into the SC inlet to connect the hose for the bypass and for a single vacuum line.. guess i have to do it again for a few more haha.


03-16-2005, 05:31 PM
anyone? I'd love to have this thing running well and dynoing over 300rwhp before the weather gets nice.

thanks in advance,

03-16-2005, 06:17 PM
the only lines before the blower are 3. The one that goes to the PCV valve and to the FUEL EVAP CANSITER THINGY and the other one that goes into a T style distrubutor but that one sends it to the heater and airconditioning system and also sends it to the CRUISE CONTROL and that one also butterfly valve on the plenums. now on the right side, drivers side, you have 2 lines, one for the FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR and the other for the BOOST gauge. Am i being clear enough?

03-16-2005, 10:02 PM
so the vacuum line that controls the fuel pressure regulator sees boost! interesting....

everyone's telling me that ALL my lines should be on the pass side, as you're would call it.

well, that's good to know..
thanks a lot for you help.


MIKE 38sc
03-16-2005, 10:47 PM
Fuel pressure regulator and boost gauge hook up on the pressurerized side. All other connections go on the supercharger inlet plenum or vac side.