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07-09-2002, 10:22 AM
does anybody here use amsoil? i was thinking of switching. i currently use mobil 1 (5w30) w/ mobil 1 filter. i have heard and seen good things about amsoil. what do you guys think? should i stick or switch?

07-09-2002, 12:44 PM
just my two cents, always stick with the same brand of oil you have always been using. 5W-30 seems really light. a lot of people here use something like 15w-50 (high perf oil) unless you are breaking in your engine.


07-09-2002, 02:47 PM
the owners manual said 5w30, so that's what i've always run. what do you suggest?

07-09-2002, 02:58 PM
well dude, 5w30 is fine if ur engine is brand friggin new. mine has 3,000 miles on it and i put in 15w-40 after the first 500, and the next time i change it, (this weekend) im putting in 15w-50. there are some threads circulating around, but im sure everyone will agree to use 15w-50 full synthetic and to definitely stay the hell away from 10w-40.


07-09-2002, 03:37 PM
whats wrong with 10-40 oil? I just bought some to put in my bird. I have been running 10-30 but thought i read on here 10-40 was better, now u say stay away? should i not put the 10-40 in it?

Mike Farish
07-09-2002, 07:47 PM
I've always used 5W30 and heard never to use anything thicker. I'm using a qt every 500 miles. I can't believe what I'm reading tonight that some of you guys are using thicker oil, even 15W50! Is this due to extremely high mileage on your cars? I have 45K. Should I be using thicker oil?

07-09-2002, 09:05 PM
You make more power with a 5/ 30 oil then with any 50 weight oil...If thatst your concern...That being said I use a 50 weight synthetic in the summer and a 30 weight in the winter...Upon initial startup it takes awhile for the oil to circulate..A lighter oil will circulate quicker then a heavier oil..Thus providing quicker lubrication upon startup..Critical...However a heavier oil will lubricate better at higher temperatures..What to do....Right of the bat you will notice a synthetic oil will pour better at a lower temperature and will be less liquified at a higher temp compared to standard oil.. They hold there viscocity better...Thats the reason I feel secure running a heavier weight oil such as a 50 in the summer..When its cold however..30 weight:O)..To each his own I guess..:O)<~~Only as far as synthetics ar econcerned

07-09-2002, 10:02 PM

1st: correction: i didnt say i used a quart in 500 miles, i meant i changed my break in oil after my first 500 miles (i have a new mill on my sc).

2nd. most of the higher performance sc'ers are using heavier weight. there are plenty of articles and even threads out there on tbscec and a few other car boards that will show the reasons why to use a thicker oil. syntehtic keeps its viscosity a lot longer and will not break down inside your engine and thats what u generaly want.

3rd not using the 10w-40 has something to do with the manufacturers not being able to get that specific weight right for some reason.

4th if the people using heavier weights are those who have been sc'ers longer than i have known what an sc is and are known to be the most knowledgeable, then thats what i use; no sense pickin an argument with the sc gurus.

feel free to use whatever oil you want to use in your car. personally i gave you my opinion based upon what i have read on these boards. all i know is, if the gurus say it, i do it. 5w-30 is just too light in my opinion, 10w-40 has a bad rep (if i rmember correctly that was the weight) 15w-50 has been recommended to me by many, granted i live in southern california and drive my sc in stop and go, PLUS i drive my sc like i stole it.


07-10-2002, 02:44 AM
I currently use Mobil One Syn 5w30 in my car; listed in sig. Amsoil is the original maker of synthetic oil, and specifies when following correct instructions, you can change your oil at intervals up to 30,000 miles. I have also heard it to be a good oil from a few sources. Mobil One was the second maker and is currently widely supported as the best.. I believe they started in the 80s.

As for viscosity, I have heard significant evidence suggesting higher weight oils should be used in modified SC engines, due to increased loads put on internal engine parts and oil viscosity. However in a stock SC engine, 5w30 should be satisfactory for wear so long as oil is changed 3000 mi. A significant portion of engine wear on a stock daily driver occurs during startup, this is why 5w is recommended. As previously mentioned, synthetic is prefered on these cars due to greater demands placed on oil viscosity from the supercharged engine load. Remember its still a 6 cyl, even though it has the output of most 8s.