View Full Version : YZ250 - Anyone Looking for a Dirt Bike?

03-30-2005, 10:58 AM
I don't know if anyone rides, but I have my YZ250 that I'm willing to part with. With the new house & the family I don't see it going far under my azz for awhile, so I'd rather see someone else enjoy it. That is actually going to the story for a lot of toys I have. Just redirecting in life I guess. But man it sure was fun riding her! You'll see in the pics.

It's probably one of the fastest 250's I've ridden. I've beaten Honda's new CR250, and KX's all day long as you could imagine. Best part is that I reconditioned with new parts on just about everything on it. Brakes, All electronics. Tires. .. Just wish I could still enjoy it the way I did last year.

Here's a few shots. Let me know if anyone is interested.