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Ryan A Harris
04-05-2005, 08:33 PM
I have pulled codes and I'm now lost on a few of them

122-throttle position sensor below minimum voltage
125-throttle position sensor voltage below normal(I have set my TPS about 3 times now. each time reading .95 at idle, I'm going to use some locktite on the bolts this time. I think the sensor maybe twisting on me)

177-heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor fault/rich bank #2(I have just replaced my drivers side O2, thinking that would do it. nope)

214-cylinder identificaion circuit failure(I have swapped in an old CAM sensor, but that didn't do it)

332-insufficient EGR flow(thats fine, I removed the EGR)
543-fuel pump circuit fault(the pump is about 1 year old now)

Any help would be great.

Steve Richards
04-05-2005, 10:49 PM
Code 543 - did you try replacing the fuel pump relay? I hope the wiring isn't corroding in the tank or got gunked up from separating fuel or did you drive it all winter?

Code 214 - did you accidentally rotate the cam? Don't know if the cam sensor changed over the model years but do you have the right one for your car or did it come off of one of your other cars

Code 177 - do you have an exhaust leak or did you lengthen your down-tubes recently so the o2 sensors no longer heat up enough?

Code 122/5 - the bottom bolt of the tps is nasty. Did you tighten it up first, take the reading while tightening the top one?

Ryan A Harris
04-06-2005, 08:05 AM
Thanks Steve.

214-the # was the same off a 90, so I figured it would have work. I picked one up of another memeber that I need to try to out.

177-a leak can cause that? I'll have that looked at. I did have down tubes made a while ago, maybe 3 months now. On the drivers side the O2 is in the manifold. Would the length on the down tube still make a difference? My exhuast has been threw hell. Since I moved into a new area the driveway into my place is bad, and the exhuast has hit a few times. I have gone threw 2 sets of cats, becuase of that. Now I have empty cats, but since that the car hasn't sounded the same.

122/125-Yeah thats how I did it. I have that TB with the rotating TPS locator. I think it works it self lose and then shifts a small amount.

543-I have driven the car all winter, this has just popped up in the spring. I hope its the relay.