View Full Version : V8 Thunderbird LX Up For Trade

04-23-2005, 12:19 AM
Well Guys,

I don't post here often, actually hardly ever but I'm looking for a new daily driver because I've tried everything except replace the computer in my 95 Pearl White T-Bird to get the tranny working and I have a feeling thatís all thatís left.

I need to trade (+ some cash if you give me a price possibly) for a Supercoupe, I'm looking for a 5 Speed, I don't care what year as long as it has been taken care of.

I've got a transmission cooler to go along with the Thunderbird I have now that I'll throw in and I'll leave the sound system in there (albeit it is Sony Xplod but it's better than stock) but there is an old JL Audio 12 Inch Sub in the back and a kick *** box (Basspro Box - 2 12's, fits perfectly) and some stinger stuff like Power Cables and what not.

If you're interested in a Project Car and have a spare 5-Speed [running] laying around then please shoot me an email to Pelezo@thehighoctanemod.com or contact me via an IM program (in my profile).

P.S. Iím located in Shreveport, LA [Top Left Corner of LA, aka Arklatex]


- Pelezo

04-23-2005, 12:22 AM
P.S.S. You can find pictures of the car below;


The corners were glued back on and are on there pretty damn good if I say so my self. The interior has a nice red glow to it due to the Head Unit and the Custom Gauge Faces.

- Pelezo