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04-27-2005, 09:44 PM
We had a great weekend at the SVTOA weekend at Sebring . About 50 cars showed (was only one SC, easy to spot) for a performance driving clinic on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was both some class room time and driving clinics on the course.
High speed acceleration and maximum braking, (Up to about 90 and then they want to ABS to kick in.)
Cornering on some quick rights and lefts on the track.
Mid speed lane change., etc.

Saturday night was a dinner at the hotel with SVTOA and the SVT engineering team from Detroit. Allots of updates on what is coming and some past projects. One had worked on the 1990 STV Super Coupe 4.6 supercharged had a photo of it on the slide show.

Sunday was full track driving on the 3.7 mile course, man what a course. Had four different classes with any were from 10 to 20 per class. Each class got 20 min driving time and then switch to the next class, signal passing was allowed. Anywhere from 30 mph in some tight corners to about 115 to 120 in the straights. Mike (my Son)buried the speedo in the straights (Running about 4200 in forth). Have to say he is a much better driver that his father is, just seems to take to it naturally. After his first run on Sunday and Saturday I had several people come up and tell me how good he was doing out there.

SC performed well, only real problem was early on Sat. during the hard braking. Both front “New: strut Rod Bushing’s came apart. One totally broke off and the other cracked. Car Quest was right up in town and drove up in the other SC and got some new bushings and had it fixed in about 45 min. Good thing we took everything, jack, stands, tools, etc… We had a covered pit stall on pit row, which was a big plus. Extra $20 for the weekend, what a bargain.

Had to help push a 03 cobra into the guys trailer for the way home (Blown motor).

Really overall a great friendly group being the SC outsider. Everyone really knew the car after Saturday and would come down to take a look. The really handled well on the course. Lots of 03 cobras,New GT's, mustangs of all years two older 67 style GT’s. One that was being driven by a girl that her father and her built. Black with gold strips. Punched up 5.0 fuel injected, rack and pinion front. IRS rear. A really nice car.

No body had any body damage, one Sliver 03 cobra went totally off the track in the grass on a right hand turn before a long straight. Must of been going about 80 or so at the time, everything fine. Bet he had to go get a clean pair of shorts. One guy there just bought a 03 cobra and was his time on a track also. But he’s 79 years old…

Each track session was about 23-25 miles on track, which was quite a workout for the SC at 3k to 5k rpm. Very happy with the way she drove and ran the whole weekend. Lots of wench's being turned during the weekend from all the pits. Very nice and friendly group, tools and help being passed all around.

They also had the new GT500 to look at and and make commets on. Giving rides in a new yellow Ford GT untill it broke on a Sat. evening ride and was down for Sunday.

Sorry for the long post. Took a couple of pic’s but, there was a pro photo guy there and he is sending us a cd with some really good shots in about a week.

fast Ed
04-28-2005, 01:23 AM
Glad to hear about someone else enjoying an SC at an open-track event. What type of strut rod bushings did you have the failure with? I've heard of people having issues with some of the non OE bushings.

SVTOA does a great job at their events. Jeff Lacina, the lead instructor, does a fantastic classroom session. I've instructed for them at a few of their events up here.

Sebring is definitely a fun track. I did a Firehawk 12-hour enduro there in the early 90s in a buddy's 5.0L Mustang. What a blast, about 80 cars took the green flag at the start of the race ... pretty busy!! :D At night, in the rain, it's even more interesting. ;)

Ed N.

04-28-2005, 06:12 AM
It is one of the many polyurethane bushing that are on the Market. I have not talked to the vendor that I purchased them from yet so I do not want to list their name. Really surprised me though. New $600 front end and boom first time out busted bushing, but with the F1’s that we are running the SC really stops….

Would like to PM you about some open track questions, if that’s ok.

Yea, Jeff was great and made it a fun weekend. That’s one reason I joined the SVTOA they do a fair amount of driving events.

Seems like the SC liked being out there, ran very well. Lot’s of prep work before hand made a difference. :D :D

fast Ed
04-28-2005, 12:34 PM
Just FYI, I'm running the OE replacement strut rod bushings in my car with no problems. And I use Grand-Am Cup castoff Hoosier race radials on my car when out at the track ... probably about 40% more braking grip than the best street tires.

I believe Lawrence Mansier, who had prepped an SC to race in American Iron with David Dalke's help, had a failure with some poly strut rod bushings as well.

Feel free to p.m. or email me with any questions pertaining to running the SC at open-track events. I'll do my best to answer them. :)

Ed N.