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Quick Cat 89
04-28-2005, 08:26 AM
How exactly do you go about dyno tuning a SC? I know you have to get a chip to have it reprogrammed but i didnt know what to get or where to get it...about how much is a tunable chip. Another question, if you only have a 10% pulley, cold air intake, and exhaust can you have your car dyno tuned? I also put 3.27 gears in it if that makes a difference, (i dont think it does). if figured you could have any car dyno tuned because the factory tune is "conservative". I though maybe you could adjust air/fuel ratios and other stuff like that with a dyno tune. One of my friends did a dyno tune to his 2002 GT Mustang and it helped it. After i installed the gear though and had the tranny rebuilt i smoked his a$$ off!! hehe...he was so mad and all i could do was smile when we pulled over..by third i had 1 1/2 cars on him...he was hating it....damn i love these cars...lol i also plan to get a I/C fan very soon...i figured a tune would help the most with high RPM pre-detination and other factors that are bad for the head gaskets...i also plan to put 42lb injectors and a 255lph fuel pump asap. :D