View Full Version : Corbeau Racing Seat

05-15-2005, 10:22 AM
Corbeau Racing Seat, very padded, very comfortable and in very good condition !!

Since i'm building a race car with my Blue SC, I bought a set of racing seats locally, the guy had them in a grand national (drove it rarely), but that he got it threw some guy that had them in a porsch. (when u see it it might be hard to believe it went now threw 3 people) but i dont need 2 seats, as i was going to try to keep it street legal, but nah !! :D So i'm putting up my other one for sale or trades. e-mail me at [email protected], also another thing, my friend and I made a non adjustable custom seat bracket for my drivers side, because i dont think they offer seat brackets for our cars, but wasnt that hard, shouldnt be to expensive to get one done. pics below of both (1 installed so you can see how it looks), there in the same shape, i even ran a tap (at my work) to make sure before i was to install them (was going to use 2 and did both, but decided to use 1) so i cleaned up the threads and i bought grade 8 bolts and washers and lock washers for them, so they have new hardware also, but this is for one seat. Thanks Alex L