View Full Version : I feel retarded...cant get pumpkin out...some clarification please

05-23-2005, 08:45 PM
Hey guys, as part of the coming repairs/upgrades to my 94 it is getting treated to a trac-lok pumpkin with 3.27's from a 97 sport tbird (axle code E). I went to the junk yard today to get it out, but was unsuccessful......i was only TWO bolts away.

Here's my problem, the two main retaining bolts for the differential (front retaining bolts according to the shop manual) do now come out, the same ones that have the diff bushings. They spin and spin but no cigar. My first impression is that there is probably a bolt head on top taht i need to get to with a wrench, but i cant conceive how to get a wrench on top of that diff. housing. Any tips? suggestions? I couldnt give that a try b/c it started pouring...but i want to get a verification before i decide to go again and finish the job. Oh, and the shop manual nor the hayes mentions the bolt heads above, they jus say 'remove nuts and bolts', thats why i decided to ask.

The job was surprisingly easy, i had done the rear wheel bearings, so getting to all those bolts for the knuckle was a snap with the help of some PB blaster (im out of aerokroil) and a big pipe for the ratchet. But just as i was breezing through it, i thougth to my self.....somethings not gonna go right.....hehe :eek: :D Thanx for the help fellows!

05-23-2005, 09:24 PM
Put a 15mm wrench on top, a long one preferably they can smash the heck out of your hand.

05-23-2005, 09:57 PM
If i remember right, when i did mine, I used a wrench on top. I put on the wrench and spun the bottom till the wrench was braced agains the diff. Then you can torque on the bottom without busting your hands up top.

05-23-2005, 10:21 PM
Exactly, use a 15mm and let it stop agaist something solid up there. That will stop the bolt from spinning and your foot and leg is probably the best force you can use. :D If you have a long pipe that you can put around the hanble of your rachet to create more leverage...every little thing will help. So far, I've removed two SC differentials and installed one about to install it for the second time this summer as I'm upgrading to an Aluminum differential housing.

Good luck! You'll get it!


05-23-2005, 11:09 PM
You have to work by braille with an extra wrench on the top bolt. Its lots of fun trying to get the right combo of extensions and sockets, reach it, and then turn it. :rolleyes:

05-24-2005, 12:01 AM
Great, thanx for the replies guys. I was PISSED....only two bolts kept me from a nice gear upgrade on a budget. I went ahead and started browsing the subject and ran into the webpage from mn12performance where it shows teh IRS droppped....and there, on top...those two freakin bolts. ITs going to be fun getting a wrench up there with the exhaust still there...migth have to drop that...but hell, im getting that pumpkin out or ill sell both my sc's for 100 bux :mad: ! Well, no maybe not...but im still getting it! :D Weather-permitting, ill be at the junk yard early tomorrow morn to get that bastard. Wish me luck!

05-24-2005, 07:10 PM
SUCCESSSSSS....it wasnt as bad as i thought to get the wrenches up there. Came out rather easy altogether. Now to browse and see what else i need to do to it before i swapt it over the the 94. Any suggestions? I had planned to do the following:

*change oil seals in the shaft holes
*replace cover gasket
*new oil
*C clips on the half shafts
*sand the actual track lock and give it a nice coat of paint (silver or black)

anything else?