View Full Version : Special Group purchase for the 1989to1995"SP PERFORMANCE"Rotors!Nickel plating extra

victor malvar
05-27-2005, 08:33 PM
Spinningwheels-sc is having a group buy for these fantastic Rotors. This buy is for a pair! If you want a complete set we can work out a different deal with you individually,as well as any set of pads. These are not cheap Rotors These are quality rotors at a reasonable price. If you figure out what one rotor cost ...just shop around! You will see this is a great buy. The plain stock sell for about $65.00 each at almost any brake shop! Not cross-drilled or slotted... but just plain SC rotor they sell for about $65.00 each at almost any brake shop! We priced out a set at our local brake shop and they were $62 plus tax for each rotor.Now we are talking run-of-the-mill rotor. These are pure quality for those who need the extra fast breaking in dry or wet surfaces. This tells you a little more about them below! We will set this buy in at 10 sets or a pair of two front rotors for $160.00... plus shipping is $19.00 If you want Nickel plating, this is extra but in a group buy it will not be very much! Inquire at spinningwheels-sc@earthlink.netSP Performance Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors If we go for 15 sets we can drop the price to $155.00 We will Be going to Carlisle so if your questions do not get anwered in a few days,we will address your questions upon return.

The Future of Braking Technology!

This Buy In is for the High Performance Rotors are for the Front Only ... Please see the listing for the matching Rear Rotor Set for the 89-95 in our store Thunderbird and Don't Forget to Purchase a set of Street Performance-Plus Brake Pads as well!


SP Cross-Drilled and Slotted Rotors are a unique design offering the best combination of cooling and out-gassing. In fact, our design is so unique we would like to go over some of the details. The first thing we will point out on the drilled rotor is the chamfer. Unlike our competition there is no edge on our chamfer. This is accomplished by the use of an outer radius curve rather than a countersink. With the radius curve, or "Sinusoid Curve", it virtually eliminates an edge on the surface of the hole. With no edge, there is less stress build up, thus reducing the chance of surface checking. This smooth surface also makes the rotor more pad friendly by reducing the wear of the pad caused by the friction scraping against a sharp edge.

Maximum air circulation for increased cooling
Increased brake pad bite
Faster release of brake pad gases
Improved wet weather braking
Reduced fade
Increased Safety and Reliability
Runs cool?..Looks cool

This Offer is for the "SP Performance" brand Drilled and Slotted Rotors, which are the absolute best in the market today! The order will include the hub and rotor, as required by the year of the car.

Please Note:

The brake system on a car or truck works by converting kinetic energy into heat energy. The friction between the brake pads and rotor creates heat, but when brakes get too hot bad things can happen. The most dangerous thing about hot brakes is the decrease in braking power known as "brake fade".


SP Performance rotors provide the best solution by considerably decreasing brake temperatures and increasing brake pad to rotor contact by effectively reducing brake pad out gassing.

This is for the Front Rotor Only Please see the listing for the matching Rear Rotor for the 89-95 Thunderbird and the Street Performance-Plus Pads as well! Click Here Now: http://www.stores.ebay.com/Spinning-Wheels-SC?refid=store