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06-06-2005, 10:31 AM
Delete this positing

06-06-2005, 12:26 PM
It would be nicer if the intercooler was a "bolt on" in place of the stock intercooler. It would keep the IC tubes as support. Using hoses to couple the IC to the tubes would require a support bracket for the IC, which would complicate things.

Hello My fellow SCers

Id like to check interest for a possble new product I may be able to offer
SCCOA members

I Recently made friends with an Intercooler Suplier from OverSeas
through a friend that works for a Perfomance company

I spoke with Him about having Liquid/Air Intercoolers Produced at custom specs He informed me that Indeed they could produce Liquid intercoolers at a Very good price

I have come up with a few possible designs but the easiest would Utilize the Stock intercooler tubes that you would Cut off at the flange where the intercooler bolts on Now to make the connection you would use silicone couplers for the transition

The Kit would Include the following items

1. Heat exchanger measuring overall 32 x 7-8 x 3 inches thick
this heat exchanger would have 1/2 NPT fittings and a drain on the opposite side

2. Intercooler Itself
basically same size as stock but possibly 5-6 inches thick

3. Silicone Couplers and Clamps

4. All Necessary Hoses and small resivoir to hold coolant

5. Intercooler Pump

I am aiming to keep the cost of this kit to be less then 1100.00

In the future I may offer a Kit that will include Custom rerouted intercooler tubes (Of course this would add to price)

Send me an Email to FordSCMAN91@AOL.COM
If you think you maybe intersted

06-06-2005, 05:52 PM
New lower tube..Stock upper....yes mint I say!