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06-09-2005, 09:19 AM
is 2000 dollars to much for a paint job ????????

06-09-2005, 09:37 AM
pends on who you're getting it from....i can get a paint job for 200 dollars here. but you'll get your money's worth. also a guy i know has to charge 2500 just to break even. he charges 5 to 6 grand for a paint job.....but it's the best paint job you will ever see, better then factory.

06-09-2005, 04:31 PM
i got a estimate to repaint my truck to a diff. color and i got quoted 4000 dollars

06-09-2005, 07:14 PM
A friend of mine just painted his 1970 Dart swinger confederate red, not a hard color to mix, and it cost him 2500, so yea its a lil expensive lol

Scott Long
06-09-2005, 07:30 PM
I am going to have a friend paint my SC for around $500.00 and I will probably do most of the prep including removal of the trim, taping off the window seals, covering the windows with newspapers, and removing the bumpers, mirrors, head lights and header panel. I'd like to put it on a trailer and take it to his shop and have him help me roll it into the booth.

He paints for a body shop but does side jobs for people that know him. He's done a few cars in my town and they look nice.

Got to think, is your car worth putting $2000 into it? I mean think about blue book value on it, hope you plan to keep it for a long time if you spend that kind of money on the paint job. If I had $2000 to spend on my SC, it'd be in performance parts rather than a paint job. $2000 is a lot to spend and not go any faster. It would almost get you an autorotor supercharger kit.

06-09-2005, 08:32 PM
Kind of like Scott's deal, several guys around here have prepped the car theirselves, scuffed it with some 3M pads , bought their own paint, then took it to a Macco, or another el-cheapie place called Peach (Peach may be a chain???). They know how to spray OK, but from what I'm told, they will spray a car just like it rolls in, and if you want them to fix somehting, you have to point it out and pay extra for each dent/ding repair, etc. Another problem is that if you have paint peeling, they will paint right over that too, so you'll have to sand those areas and smooth them out with primer or soemthing...

The probelm is preping it, then getting it there without getting more debris on it... It would be nice to know someone with a enclosed trailer that could transport it. The last step is to clean every surface with a really good degreaser... I do know that you can't touch the surface to be painted with your hands, or it will create fisheys in the paint...

One of my College instructors told me that he painted a truck by making a paint booth in the garage... He made a frame with PVC pipe, and used some good thick plastic wrap type stuff to make the booth. Then he incorporated some A/C filters in each end and fans to move some filtered air through...

My redneck neighboor had a friend paint his 72 F100 in his driveway just after some rain when their was less dust in the air... It looks OK, but there is definately some noticeable grit, and even a bug or two in places. In his case not very noticable cuz its kinda metalic teal...

I have access to a military auto hobby shop with a paint booth, just have to get your own paint gun, filters, and water separators. I may try it out on my old truck, and if satisfied, try the 35th....

Just some ideas... I was gonna paint the 35th a couple of years ago, and never did... Ended up using some walmart touch up spray paint to stop some severe flaking.

Good luck!