View Full Version : Ignition problem.........This will make your head hurt!

06-09-2005, 03:22 PM
I chnaged the injectors in my 94 SC from 38# back to 36#. I used new Accel 36# injectors. I put the correct tube in my C&L 76mm MAF to match the 36 Lbs injectors. After I started the engine, I had a miss. So I checked the injectors connectors per the Ford wiring diagrams and all were correct. So I determined that #4 cyclinder injector was bad because I pulled the connector off while it was running and it made no difference. The only injector connector I could not get to was #3. So I changed the # 4 injector out and still had the miss. So I got to thinking the rough idle I have been experiencing must be ignition. So I swaped out the coil and ignition module with a spare and installed a new crank sensor. No joy. I replaced the Maganacore wires with OEM Ford wires and removed the NGK Iridium plugs and replaced with Motorcraft double plats. No joy. So I started removing the plug wires from the coil one at a time. I discoved that the coil (one closest to the driver side) that fires cylinder #3 and #4 when both #3 and #4 spark plug wires are removed there is no change in idle. There is spark. However, if I remove #1, #2, #5 or #6 wires the engine almost dies. I'm thinking I have a bad coil in the coil pak except it is the same on both coil paks. No matter what ignition part combo I use, I get the miss.

Also, when I change ignition modules, do I need to remove the battery cables to reset the PCM?


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