View Full Version : IRCM question

06-14-2005, 05:43 PM
Do the sc's use the same ircm for the entire model run 89-95. Is there a diffrence for auto and man tranny?

I tried putting the ircm from an 89 5spd into a 94 auto to fix my fan problem. With the 89 in there the fan now worked but the car wouldn't start...only turned over.

The ford numbers were diff as well.

Can anyone verify that they are diff for auto and 5spd cars?

06-15-2005, 12:18 PM
I believe there is a relay in the later model IRCM's that controls power to the fuel pump. I don't think the earlier model IRCM's have it. You could probably use the early model and put in an external relay for the fuel pump, if you have access to a wiring diagram. Or, keep the original IRCM in the car and use some external relays for the fan. (or, even better, shop around for a good working unit made for the car...)

06-15-2005, 01:37 PM
The early model and late model are different. You need a late model one for it to work right. The same one is in a Taurus....FYI......