View Full Version : S/C leaking badly...HELP

07-15-2002, 07:26 PM
My 89 SC's supercharger is leaking form the front seal. I want to just replace the seal if I can. I just need to know how. I know there used to be a page on it but I was never able to access the link. HELP ME. The summer is half over and I haven't driven my car more than a dozen times this year. Thanks in advance

Les Borda
07-15-2002, 08:43 PM
Chicago Rawhide, front seal. ------ 7968 or 7965 or 7966

Remove upper rad hose and water jacket, this is a good time the change your thermostat. Pick up a new thermostat housing gasket by the way.

Rent or borrow a 7 inch 3 jaw puller .

Remove SC belt and pulley nut( air wrench works best). Gently and slowly remove the SC pulley with the 3 jaw puller. Work slowly because you can bend the pulley. If it is giving you grief a gentle amont of heat on the pulley will help.

Remove the seal retaining clip. Remove the old seal, this will take some work because they are really in there. Some folks drill 2 small holes into the metal back of the seal, insert two little sheet metal screws then work these with pliers to make the seal come out.
Moisten the new seal with SC fluid, carrfully set it in place and then use a large deep socket(like a 25-30mm) and with the back of your hand only wack the new seal into place using the large socket.
Insert the retainer clip. Put your pulley back on, again an air wrench helps to set that pulley down on the shaft so your belt will line up.
Replace your thermostat housing, SC belt and upper rad hose and away you go.