View Full Version : That they recommend me?

06-21-2005, 02:28 PM
Hello friends, I want to know that you recommend me and because, I am I point of acquiring a Thunderbird SC 1994, but I have the two options, the standard one or the automatic one.

Which transmission leaves better which is but quick, I suppose that the standard one. I want to know if there is a lot of difference in the handling from the standard one to the automatic one regarding the acceleration, speed collides, etc.


XR7 Dave
06-21-2005, 02:54 PM
If you are interested in other than cruising around or drag racing, the a 5spd is by far the best choice. The ability to match speeds and choose rpms precisely is the thing which makes a manual transmission far more desireable on challenging roads.

The 5spd is also cheaper to maintain and more durable in stock form. The 94/95 SC 5spd is a close ratio, even spaced gearbox which is a relative pleasure to drive.