View Full Version : Sunroof Visor - Where does it go

07-05-2005, 01:34 PM
I just got a 89 SC which had the visor above the metal tracks on one side and below on the other and it wouldn't retract smoothly without manual help. I decided to fix it, so put both sides under the track where it promptly got stuck and wouldn't move. After taking it out completely (took all the track screws out) I couldn't get the moon roof to close. Hours later I finally did something (don't know what- cause it wasn't obvious what the problem was) and got the roof to close. Anyways before trying to get the visor in again I decided to check the forum.

I was wondering where the visor is suppose to go (above or below the tracks) and if below how you keep the visor from jamming (it almost looks like the visor is too wide to fit under the tracks?)

I posted on the SCCOA forum but no replies- any help you can give would be greatly appreciated