View Full Version : ABS/Power Brake Problem - PLEASE HELP

07-19-2005, 09:11 PM
Ok...this is kinda long...
This car is NOT a daily driver...

The brake pump would get stuck on, so i would pop the fuse in for like 30sec, pull it out, drive a little, and then do it again...today, i reailzed theh my actron scan tool can read the abs codes so i read em and got a 21 -> Main Valve ... I then, following the steps on ALLDATA) checked the resistance of the valve (the two pin device in the front of the master cylinder) and it was in range (4ohms of 2.5 to 5). I checked the ground side of the wiring harness to that pin, and it checked out. At this point, I pluged the connector back in, turned the key on, and now the pump won't even turn on!?! Can anyone help me out?