View Full Version : Custom Convex Mirrors

07-27-2005, 11:25 PM
Here is a new company getting ready to market custom convex mirrors for cars, trucks, RVs, etc. I am in contact with the product group and will be providing technical drawings to them for producing LH, RH and rear view convex mirrors for the Thunderbirds [and Cougars]. I believe the mirror glass also fits several other Ford and Mercury car lines.

Looks like the product line may include the mirror style used by Thunderbirds and Cougars, so special production costs may be covered. The rear view mirror insert will fit perfectly into the existing assembly to avoid that JC Whitney $19.95 look and feel.

The stock mirrors have lousy visibility as many of you know. Here is a key to avoiding side collisions without those stupid stick-on mirrors defacing your car.