View Full Version : J-Mod help on 00'tranny

08-11-2005, 05:27 AM
I have spent hours researching this info and I get very confused all the time.. I need some help.. I get confused on drilling the valve body.. do I go by 96-97 chart specs? I've got a 95'SC so I've repined the harness on it and left the 2 power wires out.. like in 03' tranny swap.. Since it is a newer tranny do I still need to replace the top 1-2 spring w/the one in the article? I know to leave the 2-3 spring out for sure.. One other thing is that the part where the shift link goes the entrance for the connector is rectangular and mine is oval.. can I just swap that one over to the new tranny? I read the article where it tells me to repin it as well but they are different where they plug in...I swapped over the mlps already.. and added the speedo sensor as well.. I will be doing the 300-450 hp setting, so the 0.125 bill is a 1/8 right? I really will appreciate all the help.. By the way I;ve read all the articles on Tccoa and I still need help..

08-11-2005, 07:16 AM
You will find you don't have to drill as many holes as you would think on later transmissions because the holes are already the size you need. I don't suggest reusing your mlps I would go get a new one. A bad mlps can damage a transmission and we don't want that. You only need to change accumulator parts if you want firmer shifts. yes, 1/8inch = .125