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08-18-2005, 12:56 AM
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here's the ebay listing....Item number: 7981202564

If you want to make serious horesepower with your Thunderbird SC this is the ULTIMATE part.. Started as a stock Eaton M-90 supercharger. Was sent out to Magnum Powers (http://www.magnumpowers.com) and was completely rebuilt, and given the "MagnaPort" porting process. This consists of porting and blending the intake as well as opening up the exit without disturbing rotor timing. The result is cooler outlet temps and a supercharger that is more efficient. It also has the teflon coated rotors. When I upgraded my 89-93 early style supercharger to this I was blown away! This is a very serious performance part. This supercharger was on my 1992 Thunderbird SC for approximately 2,000 miles. My car dynoed 330.5 rwhp and 402.8 rwtq with this blower on a DynoJet 248c dynometer, with lightly ported heads, mild cam, and a stock intercooler (among a few other bolt-ons)... A video of the dyno run can be viewed here: http://.whome.comcast.net/~92bird/dyno2mv This as good as the M-90 gets! I have over $1,000 invested in this supercharger. This supercharger requires a Magnum Powers inlet plenum for best performance, but will also work with a stock '94-'95 inlet plenum if you port it to match, as the inlet to the supercharger is enlarged quite a bit. This supercharger comes filled with fresh fluid, and is ready to run! It will be packaged very carefully for shipping. Please ask all questions before placing your bid. I purchased this off of ebay a month ago and never got around to putting it on my car. It is still it the sealed box the seller sent it in. There is no warranty expressed or implied.

...guess who bought it........what I got was a badly ported early model blower,so badly ported that the rotors hit the "V" when turning,hope that I can get this worked out....but I doubt it.