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08-26-2005, 11:04 AM
hey there guys I did alittle reading on what I could with the search option but I could not find a post or a thread explaining the different Supercharger options and the kinda power gains I can expect from them. I am looking to upgrade my Supercharge in the coming months and curious to know my options. If someone could be kind enough to explain to me the differance in the the stock blowers and the modded one to the bolt on aftermarket ones, that will help me make a better choice in the matter.

Thanks a bunch in advance.

Randy N Connie
08-26-2005, 05:15 PM
I got a MPII with plenum for a stock motor my horse power gain was
29.7 rwhp.Others claim a 50 rwhp with heads and cam.I had to install
#42lb injectors for the motor not to lean out.Mp claimed a HP gain of 80.
did not happin with a stock motor with bolt ons.I am glad I bought and
installed it though.It was the best bolt-on I did.At that time .

I payed foregot the exact amount $2000.00+.This included polished,
ect.I had a brand new blower still in the box,it cost $400.00 .I sent
to MP to get it ported.It now has about 4000 miles on it.

I am going to sell it very soon.It looks brand new no scratchs in
blower or on rotors.Part that will go with it will be.
Polished MPII blower, polished MP plenum,I have polished stock IC tubes.,
polished 3/4 top, #42injectors,76mm C&L MAF,3'' cold air tube chrome,
polished throttle body 75mm,Chip burnt by Brian Herron.This is for a
1990 AOD Bird.

I bought a MagIII they claim a hp gain of 100 hp.I think it will give
me maybe 55 rwhp gain over a stock blower.It cost $2200.00.
Plus I will need a new chip $350.00,another $200.00 to $300.00
to tune chip.I will need a larger MAF another $350.00,and larger
injectors another $$400.00 and 85mm throttle body $350.00.
Plus you will need to buy two pullies to over drive it to get it
to work right.Count on spending $200.00 or more for them.
ANd you need $350.00 for core charge or a core.this is included
in my $2200.00

The best bolt on blower would be one from SUPERCOUPES UNLIMITED.
With the A/R blower, You will get 80 to 100 rwhp gain ,with a stock motor.
More with cam and heads.Of corse you will need a larger MAF
& INJECTORS,&TB. But this blower comes with chip,tune,and support
to get it on..The other blowers come with zero support.So by far
this is the best bang for the buck as far as blowers go right
now for are super coupes.I have this blower to.This blower also
comes with needed pullies.

Hope this is some help for you.RANDY.

08-26-2005, 05:43 PM
There's also an S-Port. That would fall in line just under the performance level of the MPII, but more expensive. Although from time to time you can find them on ebay for a good price.

Here's a list of the different superchargers listed from stock to wildest.

Stock M90, 89-93 (Gen I)
Stock M90, 94-95 (Gen II)
S-Port M90 (Ported Gen II)
Magnaport I (Ported Gen II)
Magnaport II New case on Gen I
Magnaport III same as above, but more performance potential.
Autorotor: Twin screw supercharger adapted for SC as Randy stated above.

The performance goes up as you go down the list, with the supporting mods. (Randy also indirectly pointed this out too...You will have to have additional mods to get it all out of the superchargers as you go down the list.)