View Full Version : All of you who need to rebuild your SC...

08-31-2005, 12:06 PM
Hello all I have a 91 titanium SC with burgundy leather/cloth combo int and AOD tranny. Here is the scoop. I had my engine rebuilt 10k miles ago and got in an accident that knocked the front bumper off and smashed driver side fender completely. Because the body damage was over 1500 dollars my insurance company totalled it. I now have a 93 LX and i'm putting my SC up for grabs. Aod tranny has 50k on it but still shifts perfectly, no slipping or kicking. The only thing this car does not have is a driver side fender, front bumper, and driver side headlight assembly. All interior/electrical/mechanical parts in perfect condition, all stock. Email me or send me a pm if you have any further questions, check out my pics below. [email protected]

$1500 obo