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09-24-2005, 02:43 AM
I nominate me as n00b of the month :( i hate myself right now, sooo on with the story

alright back in march of this year i had discovered i have a rad. fluid leak, no biggy just top it off at the end of the month and my car was great, started leakin moreso, took it in, they wanted $230 for parts in labor, :eek: lets rewind, the leak is on the rubber tube behind the DIS module to the left of the S/C and it is a rubber molded to metal peice so it is "hard to make" is what i was told, and there is a small hole there, didn't seem like much of a problem at least not a $230 problem... SSOOOO i moved up here to waco, a 5 hour drive, my car is doing fine, recently i get the check engine light on but nobody can deciffer when they read the code or somthing weird, (autozone what gives?) so i get stop leak radiator coolant, so im on my way home from work bout a 10 mile drive and i get to the stop light to turn on my street and smoke fills the cab, i had the worst feeling in my stomach and my car started knocking, CRAP!!! i killed my bird :mad: so i have prolly 100 yrds till i get home so i go for it, i get maybe 2 of those 100 yrds and she dies. and smoke is everywhere, and smells, roll off the side of the road and put up the good ole hazards and feel like a complete idiot, turned out to be steam from the leak in the rad. The stop leak clogged up the leak, but when it expanded it ripped it even more :confused: im pissed and just staring at her steam and whine in pain, 2 guys stop, tow me and get me some water, she drank 2 gal of water....!!!! i filled it up at autozone, and i was completely bone dry after 10 miles, sooo i think i need to fork ofver the $230 and not risk hurting anything i havne't already... i was wondering what did i hurt or risk hurting due to the overheating and basicly no rad fluid...

sorry its so long and sorry for being so stupid w/such a precious car
i am a discrace to the SC society. anyways thats my story and i hope i get n00b of the month :p


09-24-2005, 03:06 AM
smoke fills the cab,

If there was steam inside the car you might want to check your heater core.

XR7 Dave
09-24-2005, 10:40 AM
That little rubber hose behind the DIS module costs about $12.99 at AZ. Just cut the aluminum collar on the metal tube and the hose slides right off. Get a new hose (they call it cut to fit, it has several bends, you decide which one you want to use), add a couple clamps and you are done.

Don't ever drive your car with a coolant leak. These cars have fragile headgaskets and that is a sure way to destroy them. Headgasket job for a noobie - $1500.


Get a $25 code reader and learn how to use it. Mine has paid for itself 100 times. Of course I'm an SC lunatic. :cool:

09-24-2005, 04:17 PM
I work at AZ and i never ever recomend that damn stop leak BS, i tell people about the horror stories that ive heard and tell them not to buy it, but still may if they wish. I just give them a warning about it. I wouldnt use that stuff in anything, some people may have had good luck with it, but ive heard alot of bad things about and would never use that in any of my vehicles.


09-24-2005, 04:42 PM
yuh stop leak is no good, at all... anyways do you know the part that Dave is talking about from AZ? if so could you maybe get me a part number or name of the AZ product? just to make sure they give me the right thing,

also question, i can see where the left side of the hose connects w/ the sleeve you were talking about dave, but the right side(closest to the S/C, how does iti connect, i dont see a sleeve or how i would get a good fitting on there, thanx for the help and advice


09-28-2005, 05:53 PM
alright im proud i replaced to hose that had the leak, and tada! no more leak holds coolant and pressure, i was very proud, took it for a test drive runs great everything is swell..... here is where the bad part comes in. i was on my way to work aaannnnd oh teh nose!!!! freakin check engine light came on again, i got to work , no steam, no noises, felt kinda hot but my coolant and oil gauges were around the "N", so i go to work b/c i was almost late, its about a 10 min drive, so i check coolant after work, all there full to the top, oil is good, little low on power steering but that is all, no check engine light nothing, get about 8 min down the rode and that freakin orange light come on again, ~~~??? somebody help me out here. anyting i should check ? do what could be causing this, i took it to AZ and they said they only do 96+ cars and i went to pepboys they want to charge $80 for a check engine test, they sell the tester but it is $80 as well, and it only tells you a general problem, no codes or anything, anyways point is i have no clue what to do , i dont want to keep running her but dont have the money right now to pay for service, would like to fix it on my own but dont know where to start....

sorry it is so long but i could really use any help i could get please anything
plus if anyone has a code reader or could get one for cheaper please let me know, or i could borrow one and pay for shipping?? just a thought anyways
thanx guys


Big Cat Davo
09-28-2005, 06:35 PM
You need a Ford OBDI (OBD One) code reader. They are cheap and any auto parts store should have one.


09-28-2005, 08:26 PM

Kevin Varnes
09-29-2005, 12:40 PM
You can scan the codes yourself as well if you don't feel like buying a scanner. All you need is a paper clip. Try doing a search on here as I'm sure the process has been outlined before.

09-29-2005, 12:45 PM
aight went out and bought a code reader from Advanced Auto Parts and this is what i got..

1-1 89 -11 and yeh

89= lockup soleniod(lus circuit failure or converter clutch override solenoid circuit failure or exhaust heat control solenoid circuit failure....

11= pass

is what i got from it, and my timing test was all messed up... didn't understand it but if you can interpret it here it is

1 9 1 1 7 2 7 3 2 5 7 4

so i have no clue, thanx for any help and alll the help i have got it is great to know i can rely on this club

thanx again

10-01-2005, 03:53 PM
anyone?? please help me out, anyone know what the codes could be??


10-01-2005, 04:51 PM
anyone?? please help me out, anyone know what the codes could be??


may be wrong but the codes are 2,and 3 digit codes not one long code.
haynes have a thunderbird book with codes or u can do a ce(check engine)
search for the codes . when u plug up the scanner it will go thru a check phase (cutting the fan on and off ,click different solinoids and when it finish it will give you the error codes flashing .count the the flashing light when it pause then thats means a second digit count that to when its a long pause that means another number or code. kinda like morse code

10-01-2005, 04:56 PM
here u go found it in the site might explain a little better

Codes typically come up twice (unless you've cleared stored memory) and are separated by a single light or beep (if you have a code reader). The second set is from stored memory and depending on the code it could be important or just a duplicate. If it's not a duplicate of the first sequence you need to investigate it because some are stored memory exceptions which only come up during that sequence. They need to be resolved. An example of this would be your DIS module.

When starting your KOEO there should be a short blip which indicates the test is starting and your fan should kick on. When reading the KOEO code flash sequences you have to determine how long the pause is. A short pause (about a split second) is a continued sequence. A longer pause (almost a full 2 seconds) would be the next code sequence. A longer pause (almost a full 4 seconds) followed by a single flash would put you into stored memory.
For example
(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH) would be a 62.
(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(long pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH) would be a 62 and a 43.
(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(long pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH) would be a 62 and a 43.
(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(long pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(real long pause)(FLASH)(real long pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(s hort pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(long pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH)(short pause)(FLASH)(FLASH)(FLASH) would be a 62 and a 43 and a 62 and a 43 from stored memory.

go here for codes http://www.35ththunderbirdregistry.org/Page_1/Page1.html