View Full Version : Mn12 Rims For Sale Cheap

09-29-2005, 02:27 AM
hey guys i just need these gone i will seperate or sell as a set or whatever. heres what i have

2 16in stock sc alloys in good condition with crappy tires on them(they were from a parts car, the shoulders are wearing out on the outside edge but they could be great burnout tires)

1 bare 16in stock sc alloy in good shape as well

2 15in stock 94 cougar alloys in decent shape, the paint might be wearing off these, im not sure. they have winter tires on them that are brand new. i beleive they are 215/70/15 but they are great winter tires.

you can have them all for 100 bucks or the winters for 50 bucks or the 16s for 50 bucks or whatever, tell me what you need and we can work it out, i want them out of the shed to