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10-03-2005, 09:07 PM
This is something I have been working on in the form of a GP for awhile now. We need to get 10 sets of wheels to keep cost down. I have already done test fitting and have came up with the proper offset for a 10" wide rear wheel. The wheel clears the Brake cable etc. and there are no clearance issues at all. Although as with anything this wide you will have to roll the rear fender lip or use airbags to keep the fender lip from hitting/rubbing the tire.

The looks of the wheel is extraoridonary...Enjoy the pics...If you are interested in a set of these wheels visit the Group Purchase forum for more information and email me with interest.

Custom Wheel GP (http://www.sccoa.com/forums/showthread.php?p=429950#post429950)

Keep in mind that the wheel in the pics is a test wheel only...It has not been welded or polished...So the finish quality is not a finished product. Also with a 9" wheel this pic is a good example of the amount of dish/lip you should expect.

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/7b3f1a16c230d6a47daa14205149cf15-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.1.7b3f1a16c230d6a47daa14205149cf15-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/d096db5cc1450dc2dbedd6ff385186dc-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.2.d096db5cc1450dc2dbedd6ff385186dc-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/85c332298d98358e893b03ab957312c6-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.3.85c332298d98358e893b03ab957312c6-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/f9f5c7bfebcf0df4c29188708ba574b7-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.4.f9f5c7bfebcf0df4c29188708ba574b7-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/64e5a2604fea9d58496d9343855b3c59-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.5.64e5a2604fea9d58496d9343855b3c59-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/d9503926fcfc4d50f79e8fdaa35813f4-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.6.d9503926fcfc4d50f79e8fdaa35813f4-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)

http://cudaz101.zoto.com/img/24/20df37552b7cc5fa62d3a995412bcd8e-.jpg (http://cudaz101.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.7.20df37552b7cc5fa62d3a995412bcd8e-_CAT.0/date_uploaded-desc/0-30)



10-03-2005, 09:12 PM
aight my bad, didn't notice where i was, just got a lil excited :p

10-03-2005, 09:22 PM

This is not really the place to talk prices...If you visit the Group Purchase Forum you will see all that kind of information.