View Full Version : Fan relay 91 sc?? Where?

10-05-2005, 06:39 PM
Hi everyone
Where is the fan relay? Also does anyone know what the number it is, so I make sure itís the right relay?
The fans donít come on at all, so Iím going to change the relay first cheap part, the expensive one next.

Joisey jim
If the fan comes on late and only runs for a short time it sounds like just the high speed is working. Check to see if the fan runs when you switch the a/c on - it should do this at idle/rest. If not, it could be that the low speed winding has gone bad on the fan motor, your a/c pressure is low, the IRCM or even your coolant temperature sensor is bad. You can also check the low speed fan by pulling out the IRCM (in front of the air filter & behind the passenger headlight - remove your air filter/box to get some room then remove the screw/s from the IRCM frame, pull it out enough to identify the wires and corresponding numbers on the harness) and simply cut wire #14 - that should also cause the low speed to run (you can use spade connectors to re-connect it). If non of these tests work then it looks like you need a new fan motor. On final proof would be to disconnect the main fan harness and using some stout wire and a fuse in line (say 60amps), ground the black wire and try each of the fan power wires using the battery + terminal. Again if only one fan speed runs then you''ll need to replace the motor - about $100 at AutoZone.

10-05-2005, 10:58 PM
There is no "relay" for it. it's controlled by the IRCM, which is an electronic module located behind the passenger side headlamp and has a big cable going into it.

This module is controled by the ECM to turn on and off the fan and other systems.