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10-06-2005, 11:02 AM
I got to my college when the engine started smoking. Seeing as how Dalke just installed a 10%OD pulley, i was like "uh oh, here it is..." I went under the hood to check whats up and i found Coolant EVERYWHERE. It was sprayed all over the place. I looked for a leak, and gladly found it. Phew! Not the Head Gaskets. I guess after he installed the pulley, he forgot to intall the clip on the "radiatior to engine" hose correctly and i got a massive leak. Im stuck in the parking lot and am afraid to move due to all the coolant loss. My question for you all is:

Can i just add radiator fluid back into the resivoir and everything will be ok? I took the hose off and had to let air in so i could get the clamp back on, will it filter back out?

There is still visible coolant in the radiator, and i have no access to fluid right now, BP is down the street. Will it be ok to drive up to buy some?

If i cant just add fluid back into the resivoir, do i have to pay 50 bucks to get it flushed again?

David Neibert
10-06-2005, 11:17 AM
Just add some water into the radiator to make sure it doesn't overheat. Once you get home you can unscrew the burp plug and top it off with coolant.


10-06-2005, 11:20 AM
As long as it has cooled down you will be fine to drive it a short distance. Just watch your gauge! Something similar happened to me and your first reaction is to freak out. Replace those garbage hose clips with some real hose clamps. I put 2 on each end of the top hose just to be safe. You'll need to bleed the air out of it again. To do this, Put a 13mm socket on that bolt that comes up from the t-stat housing (it usually has a white cap around it. Open the bolt a few threads, While the bolt is open pour your antifreeze into the top of the radiator using a funnel. Keep the funnel full until the coolant comes out of the bolt pretty steady. It will be going down the front of the engine but that's OK. You want to keep constant pressure on it by keeping the coolant swirling in the funnel. After you get steady flow from the bolt, close it off tight. Top off the radiator with the funnel. Then you might want to repeat this process in a day or so when the car is cool again. Also make sure your reservoir is filled to the line.

10-06-2005, 05:10 PM
K it worked guys. I appreciate the help. Im'a scream at Dalke for makin me think i blew my HG's ;) :D :p