View Full Version : Installing an AutoMeter Tach in my '91 SC...

10-13-2005, 09:54 PM
Hey guys! I am looking at installing an AutoMeter Tach in my car. I have a 1991 Ford Thunderbird SC. I have found out what all the wires are that are in the tach, but I need to know how and where to find the tachometer signal wire that comes from the engine, or whaever wire I need to find to hook the tach up to.

The wires on the tach are as follows:

Red: key on power supply
Black: common chassis ground
White: dash lighting power
Green: tachometer signal wire for standard or electronic ignitions

That is straight from AutoMeter's site.
My Tach: http://www.autometer.com/cat_gaugedetail.aspx?gid=2467&sid=1

I have looked at all the FAQ's on AutoMeter's site, and have found what I need on that end, but I can't find what I need to know about the car. I have no idea about where the wire is for the tach to splice into. BUT, I have gleaned this info from the AutoMeter site:

Tachometer Signal Wire Installation for 3.8 SC Engine(s)
Pin # 4 of the PCM, dark green wire with a yellow stripe, OR pin # 1 of the intrument cluster, same color wire.

Does anyone know how to direct me in the right direction on this?