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10-19-2005, 11:42 PM
This should go on the non tech fourm but what is the technical name for the ircm and what exactly does it do? Is it the box in the engine bay that is a little black box right behind the pass head light. From what I understand it has a few fuses in it. But I have no idea what it does and I am looking in the chilton manual for it and I see nothing for it does it have a diff name??


intergrated relay control module???
does a 95 have one in the same spot as a 88-93 sc???

10-20-2005, 09:53 AM
The IRCM is also known as the "intergrated relay control module". I'm not sure where it is located on the '94 and '95 models, but it is probably in the same place as the earlier SC's (Between the stock airbox and the headlight on the passenger side). In the early models, the IRCM basically controls the readiator cooling fans. It contains relays that trigger the low and high speed fans based on signals from the EEC. The EEC monitors signal conditions from the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor and the A/C. If the temp reaches the specified level, or if the A/C is switched on, the EEC signals the IRCM which triggers the cooling fan. In later model SC's, the IRCM also controls the electrical current that feeds the fuel pump when it senses that the ignition is switched ON.