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07-23-2002, 09:52 AM
Michael Iarocci will be a guest speaker for the 1st Annual BTM Fall Invitational in Kansas City.

Michael Iarocci has a degree and background in mechanical engineering (the car interest is simply hobby related) with about 30 years experience in cryogenics and low temperature refrigeration, he will be offering information applicable to compressors (superchargers and turbos) to the internal combustion engine.

He also has a working knowledge of thermodynamics allowing evaluation of work (horse power requirements) to drive these items, or entropy production (lost work), such as is produced from a compressor due to its efficiency rating, which is all applicable to automotive engines. Incidental to these types of systems it's natural to get involved in related sub-systems e.g., compressors, piping, and heat exchangers. His knowledge will shed insight into the workings, theory and principal of our vehicles and their operation. He will be on hand for the weekend at the event and available to ask questions and discuss theory, ideas etc. His son, Christopher Iarocci (one of our sponsors) will be attending with him.

The 1st Annual BTM Fall Invitational will be held at Kansas City International Raceway on September 21, 2002. The event will consist of a Show-n-Shine, Trade Show and Bracket Race.

If you own a SC or any other MN12 or Ford product you are invited to attend. Because of space limatitions we ask that you pre-register as soon as possible.

More information is available at the event website at: http://www.albeedigital.com/midwest

We'll SCya there!!!!