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So far, ILIKEJUGZ and SEX AND CARS are neck and neck. Otherwise, voting is all over the board.

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My vote would go to a thread that's not listed above... here it is (for your amusement):

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Weird interior beeping sound?

My car has now started to beep at me. Not really a beep... just more of a tone? I have no idea what it could be except for maybe being linked to the fact my car still thinks I have an automatic transmission, and I don’t. Does the car have any kind of warning system like this? My CEL light came on for the first time a few days ago, and I just shut the car off and turned it back on... had no problems since. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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Re: Weird interior beeping sound?

I had the same problem…

I covered the headliner with tinfoil… that fixed it and it stopped the voices too!

The only problems I had after that were the black helicopters that started following me more often, and then when I would go to 7/11 to get my coffee, everybody was talking about me on the payphones outside.

Today all the fish would start laughing at me when I turned away from the tank; at every job!

So just stay away from fish tanks, watch out for the helicopters, and the noise shouldn't bother you anymore.

Glad I could help!

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