View Full Version : Wanted: 5-sp SC Have 3 cars to trade, including 78 mini

11-14-2005, 10:26 AM
Ok, I will trade all three of my cars for one good SC. The SC doesn't have to have a perfect interior, and I would prefer one with some suspension work. I want to autocross it. I am not too picky, I just don't want any rot. Here is what I have:

1987 Ford Cougarbird (has a cougar nose, but rest is all t-bird)

The good:
B&M shift kit
B&M ratcheting shifter (not horribly useful on an aod, but cool looking)
urethane rack bushings
urethane strut mounts
urethane sway bar bushings (on 1 5/8 sway bar)
8.8 TC diff with discs, and 3.55 or 3.73s
Modded full digital dash (goes to 199mph)
a/c elimination kit
removed a/c (didn't work anyhow)
Alpine CD head unit
Grant GT steering wheel
Car runs good
2 spare trannies - one out of an '89 Mark VII and one out of my '93 'bird

The bad:
it has some rust - the worst part being behind the driver door is a hole you can put a fist in.... I have a panel I cut outa a cougar parts car
The nose was banged up really bad (most parts were missing and the headlights were zip tied on) so there is the nose of a '88 cougar on there.....
14" rims with BAD tires (they didn't like the autocross)
The headliner was a total loss, so I took it out
A seal is bad in the diff, so it will need to be replaced as well as the brake pads
Leaks power steering fluid.... No idea why. Has the 15:1 rack, which was really good for the autocross.... very responsive....

The best:
Subframe connectors
4 point k-member brace
I have so many spare parts, it is kinda scary. I have enough parts to do a complete 5.0 HO conversion - computer, wiring, mustang headers, H-pipe with no cats, 2.5" dynomax exhaust (used), fuel injectors, etc.
The interior on the cougar was mint, so you get nice door panels, seats (front and back) carpet, dash, and plastic trim.
It has the drivers side manual seat (I installed)
Spare tail lights
Spare headlights (both sets aren't yellow)
TONS of misc stuff from a Mark VII I parted out as well, can't think of it all right now
2 sets of rear quarter glass, brand new with carlite stickers still on them, one has the chrome trim, the other set doesn't. The car currently doesn't have the chrome trim that goes around the car (it is blacked out like a TC).

Car is black (except the nose, which is white), has power windows and moon roof (all work well)
The interior is grey, looks horrible, but I was waiting to do the body work before I put it all in, so it is all there

__________________________________________________ _________________________
I have a 93 LX thunderbird, with a 5.0 - Right now the car doesn't have any oil pressure. I have a freshened up 302 to put in, with all new gaskets. I also have an SC spec AOD for it, which also has Bauman shift kit. The interior is tan, but I have most of the parts to make it black. I also have the parts to take out the electric seat belts. It has all wheel discs with abs. It works well. It has a Grant steering wheel on it now, but if you want I can put a normal one back on.... The body is decent, has one dent, and it isn't a crease. I can probably get it taken care of for you. All windows work, as do the power locks. It has no radio, but I don't care if the traded car includes one or not. It has the fan wheels in good shape (sadly, with baloon tires). I can include a set of decent tires as well.

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The bad:
Needs a little body work. It needs rockers. I have one already, and it needs the other, and the floors are a little soft. You can't tell by looking at it, and I have TONS of pics to send if interested.

The Good:
I have all aluminum interior door hardware, door panels, walnut dashboard, metro gt seats, an extra 1000cc engine to replace the 850cc that is in there now (which ran when I shipped it over, and probably won't start due to bad gas), roll cage, windshield, new carpet, cool racing steering wheel, 12" minilights, front disc brakes (to replace the factory drums), dual carbs for the 1000cc engine, and allot more parts that I can't think of right now, all of which are not installed on the car.


The mini is in East Hartford, CT and the T-Birds are in South Windsor (right down the street). Drop me an e-mail or a pm if interested. I am available for viewings any time, as I am unemployed.

12-04-2005, 10:52 AM
Well, the mini is gone, I am the proud owner of an '89 Mustang GT convertible... Man I will miss the 'birds, but after 4 months of unemployment, I am trying to cut back. If anyone wants the '93, I am in the process of putting in another 5.0, out of an 89 LSC, which means it will have forged internals. I also have all the parts to re-do the interior to black, door panels, carpet and a special paint for the dash. I also have the rear quarter plastics to get rid of the annoying electric seatbelts, also need to paint. And I have cloth and spray glue to redo the headliner. I am going to try and finish it but if someone has the space and time, I will let it go for $400. I have almost everything needed to make it a nice car again. And if you need any 87-88 parts, I am parting out the 87.