View Full Version : Wireing Help Please Please Please

11-14-2005, 10:16 PM
I am swaping a 1990 3.8 SC in my jeep the engine is in the tranny is bolted up but i have no spark to fire it up :mad: i can get the computer to power on because it will let my modius read codes this is my first fuel injection swap ever not to mention the first thing i have even touched distributorless. i have a new ignition module have every thing plugged in from the car that was on that main harrness exsept the blue connector and the one right next to it that is next to the computer on the blue harnnes i have discover that the red wire powers my computer and relay box but still dont know why i cant get any spark i am running an external fuel pump and dont know if me not haveing a hot or ground to the fuel pump wire is not letting it spark or if i have to ground something or give something a hot my cam sensor crank sensor and knock sensor are all hooked up if any one has any ideas or has done this swap and can tell me what i need to do i would greatly appriciate it