View Full Version : BHJ harmonic balancer and crankshaftpulley...

11-24-2005, 09:10 AM
"If you get a BHJ balancer to replace the stock balancer.
You will need to also buy o balanced pulley,for the crankshaft.
I like aluminum underdrive pullies.Or you need to have your stock
crank shaft pulley zero balanced to match the BHJ balancer,at
a machine shop."

Is it so? When I'll install my new BHJ balancer I can't use my old crankshaft pulley without balancing it!?!
It won't work it old pulley...?!

Is it big job to balancing pulley?

If I buy also a new zero-balanced aluminum pulley it will fit straight to that BHJ and work properly!?!

Thanks for helping me! :)

11-24-2005, 02:27 PM
Because the stock balancer is balanced to the pulley as an assembly, the replacement of the balancer throws off the balance. It should not be a huge amount, just that the vibration the dampener is supposed to be bearing is being pushed back into the motor.

You can get the pulley balanced very easily, just have it zero balanced. You can also get a pulley (like Ryan Harris's pulleys from SCI) or the ones from Spinningwheels.com (Ryan Makes those). These are zero-balanced already and are just bolt on.....

The point being is that the engine works better as an assembly. I suggest that after investing the money into a BHJ balancer, get the pulley set and complete the engine.

Anymore questions, feel free to IM me if you want.