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11-28-2005, 08:01 PM
Just checkin out the options available for some cosmetic work on my 90 white SC 5-speed. Are there are any of those wind shades available that you place over top of the window sill over the doors? I was looking at my car one day and have decided they a pair of these would actually add a bit of a touch, especially to the white panels with black trim of the car. Also, I was looking to redo the front valence underneath the main bumper housing (Basically where the foglights and under-car air dam is currently sitting). I was thinking of bringing it out more and sealing off the fog lights better for a more finished look.

Is there any kits out there that look half decent on these cars, or should I look at doing up my own. Once I have a design figured out, I will post it, but someone has to tell me how to get pictures into these forums.

For now, as far as the rear valence goes, I will be needing a new one soon, as my stock one has crumbled along the bottom edge due to bottoming out down driveways and offramps and such. Could anyone tell me where I can find a rear valence for these cars, particularly one with the THUNDERBIRD SC engraved on the back just like the one now? Eventually when I do my exhaust, I will be running polished steel pipes STRAIGHT out the back, so I will have to cut out wider openings for the pipes to stick out.

Once I have a plan, I will post the pics, as soon as I find out how.

For now, just concentrating on final exams coming up, so I will have game face on until Christmas at least:mad: , so don't be surprised if I don't hit the forums again for a while.


12-01-2005, 02:19 AM
Trust me, it will NOT be a ricer when I am done with it.

12-01-2005, 04:19 AM
I think the stock SC body kit is one of the best looking for the Tbird.
You'll need a complete rear bumper if you want to replace your damaged one, thats the only one with the engraving.

Everybody has their own style. I like to keep my cars clean, take off the side body moldings .. clean up the headlights, paint the trim above the windows to match the rest of the body, little things that just make it look different but nice and smooth.
No window vents, Bras, wings or body kits here. A nice set of exhaust tips looks good if you do them right and dont hack up your rear end.
I had a SC kit on my 94 V8 at one time, it was cool but I got tired of it after a while and put it all back to stock with a new paintjob.

One of my project 91 V6 Tbirds I rebuild completely using a complete 1995 V8 Tbird, all of the interior and driveline, etc etc .. so I went ahead and put the 95 rear trunk and bumper on as well. Cleaned up the side body moldings and shaved out the door handles. Next is the 1995 front bumper I picked up at a junkyard, and a set of 1997 headlights, and possibly a Cobra Cowl hood or a stock 97 hood. When its done It will probably have a two tone paintjob at the upper body line. Just a touch of class, and keeping it clean at the same time. I left the chrome trim around the windows on the side of the car - its pretty distinct to a pre-94 car, so if anything somebody would guess I took a 1995 and put the trim on myself, but thats actually one of the only original parts on the car. It looks like a mix and match car right now, but in my mind I see the final product.
Use your imagination, custom made parts always go pretty far with originality and a little effort put into them.

- Dan