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12-01-2005, 07:44 PM
Ok, so in the past few weeks Iíve decided to buy several nice things for my birds. Unfortunately these things were also pretty expensive. I ended up buying (among other smaller things) a set of the RARE 17Ē prototype fanblade rims, cobra r hood, FRPP Racing steering wheel, ESM 10 rib kit, etc.

In any case, Iím getting rid of the following to offset some the cost. If you have any questions (or offers) please feel free to contact me by replying here, PM or email to: [email protected] I took pictures of some of the stuff, if youíd like pictures of something that I havenít included feel free to ask. Oh, and if you see the red XísÖ.right clickÖmy hosting service sux sometimes, but theyíll pop up.

1-2 89-93 Motorcraft DIS modules. Good shape, see pictures. $35 shipped.


2-89-93 supercharger. This was my personal core. I had 4 spare superchargers at one point and I was saving this last one but with this new expense I have to get rid of it. Still had the factory tags attached, I have them just have to look for them. ABSOLUTELY no play in shaft, no damage in rotors, rotors spin freelyÖcheck the pix. $200 plus shipping.


3- Lower intake manifold. Good shape, no stripped bolts or anything, nice spare or also good to practice your porting. $50 shipped.

4-89-93 EGR Exhaust manifolds. No broken studs, good shape, also good for portingÖEGR tube is broken so I might have to take it out to ship (unless for some odd reason you want it?). $45 shipped.

5-89-93 (94-95?) Set of heads. Good shape $100 plus shipping (I think last set I sold was about 20 for shipping, but I would get a quote depending on location).

6-89-93 Fuel rail with fuel pressure regulator and 30 lbs/hr injectors (red top). I was going to refresh this fuel rail according to the article on mn12performance b/c some of the hoses have cracks. The injectors need to have the tips changed. $60 shipped.

7-Factory Fuel pressure regulator. Good shape, clean Iím including the attaching bolts and the little o-ring that goes at the bottom. Good spare. $15 shipped.


8-Power steering pulley. Good shape, nice extra or replacement if you have (like me) messed up your pulley trying to get it out. $20 shipped.

9-Power steering pump cap- I had to replace this on both my scís when I got them (broken tabs) and I had two spares. Iím selling one of them, both tabs are in perfect shape. $15 shipped.

10-3.8L SC bare block. Its one of my spare blocks, Iíd snap pictures but I have it stashed away and it would be a pain to get out (unless somebodyís interested). Its standard bore. Make offer. I also have the brackets and the rest of the stuff from the block; if you need anything I might have it for sale.

11-89-93 VMM delete plates AND DIN slot delete. Two of the VMM delete plates are in perfect shape ($7 shipped), one of them has two small nicks that Iíve shown in pic ($5 shipped). Also two factory DIN slot coversÖthese cover up the DIN slot under the climate control if you donít have a CD player. Iím pretty sure this also fits in the slot where the Info center on 94-95 birds goesÖ..thatís if you donít have one or decided to ditch yours. Perfect shape $7 shipped.


12-89-93 Fog light and Ride control switches. Good shape. $9 shipped.

13-VMM electronic board. Good working VMM, but the box was broken (typical). If you have a good box but a dead VMM, this is all you! $25 shipped.


14-89-93 SC seats, as you can see the front driverís seat is pretty rough like it usually gets, and the passengerís side is in OK shape. The rear is also in good shape except for the also typical stitching problem up top. The fronts come complete with seat tracks in working order. The rear comes with the "L" braces, just in case you want to add the fold down rear option to another mn12. For the front you could get good seat covers from coverline, which I used on my 89 and I do recommend (fit like a glove). I would rather prefer selling as a package and local pick up since these things are bulky. Shipping would be a pain plus pricey. Make an offer.


12-01-2005, 07:45 PM
15-97 Console top & tube. Decent condition, has two welts apparently from cigarette burn, but still in good shape over all. I do not have the cup holder insert. $70 shipped.


16-One set of 97 rear tail lamp LEDís. These are supposedly better than the 92-mid 96 LEDís, they should last longer b/c they use different LEDís. Theyíre also pricier from ford. These should fit 92-97 birds. Perfect working order, check out the pix. $120 shipped.


17-94 + Dashmat dash cover. This was on my 94 SC when I bought it, but Iím not a big fan of dash mats unless thereís a crack on the dash. It was attached with Velcro. Itís got a couple light stains (check pix) but a wash should take care of it. $33 shipped.


18-94+ Info center with trac-assist button. I have two spares of this and I'm selling one. I used this type of module on my 94 5speed and hooked up the button to run a fanÖ.you can use it to run a 12 V accessory. $40 shipped


19-94+ Blower fan module. Again, a spare. I changed this when my blower motor stopped working but it ended being the inline fuse. $20 shipped

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I'll take the info center (traction Control switch).:D

Sent you an e-mail.


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Well I Cant see the Pics of the VMM stuff..... SO why dont ya email them2 me [email protected]

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