View Full Version : Anyone Have an OIL PUMP Fail?

12-13-2005, 03:19 PM
My SC has a real bad ticking noise in the front of the motor. It is about 10X as bad as a sticking lifter and sometimes adds a little grinding. My oil pressure guage goes almost to zero at idle and and pulsates and that is not normal. At above idle the oil pressure is normal. It started out as a light ticking and has gotten worse until yesterday when it got real bad and the car would hardly run. I was told to take the oil filter off, remove the cooler and the 4 bolts that holds oil filter adapter/pump cover on. I was told that the pump gears are under the plate along with the pressure regulator. That was too hard laying on the ground last night. I have a new pump coming and since the noise is real bad I want to pull the front cover off just to check everything like timing chain. Anyone ever have this happpen? If so was it the oil pump? Is this a common problem on SCs? I have not seen any threads about it.

Ed Springer

94 Red SC Auto: 70mm TB, Fresh Air Intake, Stock 90 SC Pulley, Accel 36# injectors, Scorpian 1.73 Rockers, ARP Head Studs, 190 l/h fuel pump, 180 Stat, Raised SC Top, I/C Fan, Headers, Raven Muffler (no cats) with stock resonators, 3:73 Gears, 76 C&L MAF (Gold Tube), Magnacore Wires, NGK Iridium Plugs, MSD DIS-4 + Ignition Box, TRANSGO Shift Kit, Haydon Auxiliary Transmission Cooler, Pro-Torque 2500 TC, Tokico Struts & Shocks, Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants, Optima Yellow Top Battery, American Racing 17 Sniper Wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S, COMMANDO Alarm and Remote Starter and Autometer A/F Ratio and Transmission Oil Temperature Guages.