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12-31-2005, 11:46 PM
What is a Flank Drive socket?

A normal socket works by applying pressure on the points of the bolt/nut.

There is another type of socket that applies pressure to the center of the flats of the nut/bolt. It has knobs that contact the center of the flats. There is nothing contacting the points of the nut/bolt. Is that what a "Flank Drive" socket is? I see socket sets on E-bay that claim to be "Flank Drive", but they look like ordinary sockets to me.

At one time there was a tool designer on these forums. I remember him saying that this type of socket/wrench applied the most pressure to a nut/bolt. He also said that this design was difficult because it could apply so much pressure, that it would break the socket/wrench.

If this type of socket IS called a "flank drive", then what is a regular socket/wrench called?

Confused 68COUGAR

01-01-2006, 12:30 AM
Just did a search on "flank" and "corner" drive wrenches and sockets.

Snap-on says that these wrenches allow 62% more turning power. I don't find anything that corroborates what this "tool man" says-would seem to me that you'd bust off the shank of the stud or bolt before that happened.

In any case, I prefer flank drive cause it is much easier to remove a nut or bolt, and gives more leverage in removing stubborn ones.