View Full Version : Unlimited Time Car Wash... $4.00

01-11-2006, 02:10 AM
Thats right, i didn't believe it either. Don't really like washing my car at a car wash place, but dont have materials up here in Waco. I also always hate the timed car washes b/c you end up rushing the end and getting water spots. So this was a treasure i found. $4.00 for unlimited time car wash (soap brush, tire cleaner, high pressure soap, presoak, high pressure wash, wax, spot free clean, engine cleaner, cant remember what else but i was in heaven. Really it only gives you 72 min. but that is plenty of time for me, got to take my time and do it right.. ill take pictures later. Just letting some ppl know and wondering if anyone has ever heard of such a thing???