View Full Version : Looking for a 94-95 Bird- N.W. Corner.

01-15-2006, 12:38 PM
Hi guys (and gals) I am new to the forum, I can see I have alot of reading to do. I currently own a 1989 bird, which went thru a flood, it is a runner, but has numous issues due to the water that was standing above the console. I am looking for a 94-95 bird w/wo motor trans, but prefer a straight body, with clean interior. If anyone here has one, or knows of one up here in the NW (oregon, washington, cali, etc) Please let me know, thanks in advance, Guy

01-15-2006, 10:42 PM
I was going to work today, and drove by a bird. Turns out it is a 1995 LX, (original owner) V8/auto,with 91,000 miles. This is a dark green with grey interior, which is in good shape, but the owner was a smoker, who was a slob, lol. I dont see any burns, but it needs new carpet, and a great deal of cleaning. Now the bad part, the passenger's side has been sideswapped (guardrail) the door, and about 10 inches of the rear quarter are munched pretty bad, I will have to replace the door + have the quarter fixed. The drivers fender is dented as well, near the front side of it, which will need to be replaced. Other then a busted windshield (mad ex-husband) the exterior is VERY straight, with nice paint. it has factory 15 inch mags with bald tires. Asking price is $450.00! I will being going back tuesday to start it and road test, I will follow up tuesday night with a post/pics. I have been reading here off + on here today, there is ALOT of great info here, JPT.

Part's list for 1995 Bird, needing price's.
1. passengers door
2. driver front fender
3. factory carpet kit (black or grey)