View Full Version : Free Graphics, backgrounds, etc...

01-24-2006, 11:17 PM
I can provide anyone on this board with a totally custom background, sig, or avatar of whatever they choose (i.e. their cars)
Just PM me this form filled out, any personal pictures you want included, and ill do my best to make it the way you want it!

Size ______x_______ (or just say background, signature, or avatar)
Basic Color Theme _________________(i.e. Dark Blues, Red, Black&White etc...)

Your own ideas about how you would like it:
(i.e. The bumper shot of my car in the middle, with the other pictures scattered around it faded in. Also i want 1990 THUNDERBIRD SC ANNIVERSARY printed in ______ font on the lower left corner in a motion blur)

Just be imaginative. The more in detail you get, the better i can do!

Just PM me whenever!