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01-30-2006, 04:32 PM
I have posted in the main classified section but figured I'd put it in here with the more local guys. Here is the link to the other thread. I'm actually looking to get something with 4WD, 4 Doors, At ( Cherokee, Explorer, Blazer) so if you've got a trade let me know. I have a good amount of pics some older than others but will be glad to answer questions or offers. Thanks and please e-mail me at hosmer79@yahoo.com. I check that all day and answer much quicker. I'm in western mass. (Springfield area) in case any of you were wondering. Thanks!


Or this is what it says..
I'm looking at selling my 1994 Super Coupe. Here are the details on it.

-Asking $3000 or trade for (Explorer, Cherokee, Blazer, etc. 4WD & 4Dr)

-White (Paint is in fair condition.)

-118,000 miles

-5 Spd (Custom Shifter. Will modify the engraving on it to personalize it for you or you can just use the factory one)

-Tan leather interior (Small rip on driver seat. Stiching undone on a seam on top of back passenger side seat)

-Sony Xplod 52Wx4 CD player. XM ready. Premuim sound. Aftermarket 10" sub. ( still have factory enclosure just no speaker for it.)
-New speakers all around. Kicker 6x8 2 way in front, Pioneer 6x8 3 Way in

-Working Keyless entry with key FOB for keychain.

-Nearly brand new Falken tires. (less than 2,000 miles on them)

-Aftermarket exhaust system. (One resonator muffler with two pipes exiting that with 2 Cherry bomb mufflers after. Had to put the mufflers on to have it pass inspection here in Mass. Sounded better without them.)

-Lower air box removed. K&N square filter.

-I replaced the radiator (nothing fancy just a basic one from AutoZone), U joints.

-New windshield, new Passenger window (few months old).

-New SilverStar headlights

-The car has run good and strong since I've owned it. Great fun to drive. Boost still reaches 11-12 psi easily. has been a very reliable car for me even in this terrible weather place of New England.

-Here are the things I know it needs or have a problem with. I will let you know of every issue I've noticed. No surprises.
+Check engine light is on. Has been on since I got it a year ago. Was told it was for an EGR valve not sure of the code number. Car has run strong and idled fine for the year I've owned it.
+Shocks should be replaced soon. Haven't been too bad but it's almost time.
+Antenna has kink in it and does not retract all the way. Could probably try to straighten and would work fine. Motor runs fine.
+If you run a Carfax report on this you will get some info about a possible issue with the mileage. I didn't get much info from the guy I bought it from but from what I can see it looked more like a mix up in numbers than anything too shady. I can fax you the copy I have if you'd like to see for yourself.
+Driver Door Hinge needs to be replaced soon. Starting to sag.